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New Lure Packs on Special!

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With the high demand for more Scent Blazer lure packs, we have put together a few new lure packs to suit us Aussies, but also our friends in the US.

The US packs can also be bought and used here in Australia.

All lures in the packs come fully rigged to IGFA Standards with high grade 316 stainless hooks (southern tuna bend) free of charge!

So jump on the Scent Blazer Specials page and have a look.


See why Scent Blazers are quickly becoming the most popular trolling lure on the market!


Get your free 12” Mackerel Scent Blazer Teaser with every purchase over $100.oo

The teaser also comes fully rigged!! Check out how they work below.


post-22587-077371900 1342659543_thumb.jpg post-22587-040322900 1334631321_thumb.jpg

Green Trolling Lure

Scent Blazer Game Teasers

Scent Blazer Lures Weight

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
Tight Lines
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