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Never stop casting I say, botany bay


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its been a while since i've hit the bay, it was quiet for a long long time.

great weather last weekend and me and my mate john had a go at towra.

i must have done about few hundred casts for a few fish.

all fish on blades VX and ZX.

my friend gave up casting and kept trolling for zero.

i ended up with 2 good flatheads a huge pike and a trevor.

i felt sorry for my mate and gave him the smaller flathead for dinner, he wasn't going to say no.

lets all hope it gets better!


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At least you got a feed to bring back. The weather was good last weekend - like summer decided to show up again for a while! There were a few trevally around when I fished. Flickbaits, wrigglers and topwater lures were producing for me then.

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