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Friday Arvo on Botany with Ken Smith


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Took an old work mate of mine for a flick on Botany Bay last Friday ,old mate Ken came prepared with a tackle shop worth of gear that would target most species this side of the equator we eventually got on the water around 1.30pm and experienced some of the calmest condtions iv'e seen at that time of the day for a fair while, no sooner had we exited the Cooks river entrance we were confronted by fish literally jumping out of the water , this was supposed to be a teach an old salt new tricks with a lesson in that new fangled soft plastic lure fishing, but the temptation of the tailor was too great and we pulled up a proceeded to drag 1 fish in after another for the next 45 mins it was great fun and ol Kenny surprised me by the way he handled his light gear , even having a shot at my right handed winding of my reel .Unfortunately our session was cut short by a phone call from home but it was fun while it lasted.The count was around

12 tailor - all released

1 bonito

1 striped Mackrel ( i think please correct me if i'm wrong , looked like an over sized slimey )

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Thanks fellas unfortunately no its not a Freedom Sport needed another $10k for that setup , it's a 7yr old 5.25mtr Horizon Bowrider with a 90hp Yamaha 2 stroke iv'e notched up 230hrs on it now so she gets used frequently, it's suits my needs on the bay well and outside on good days, the front bowrider seating area does have cushions but i take them out on fishing days and insert the centre board over the walkthrough so the whole front is one level.

I'll have to add the Watsons Leaping Bonnie to my PB lol , it was a great little fight on my 6lb setup

cheers Mark

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Haha, *take 10 with the net ... gets fed up and lifts it in*

Good video, I enjoyed that.

too funny , it was pretty hard trying to film the little bugger and do the netting at the same time , but thats what we do on the "flickinlures" boat

cheers Mark

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Hi Mark,,,

Can you tell me which lure or soft plastic/jig head size you casted at the 5min mark




It was just a little $4 metal lure from Big W , i reckon those fish that day would have taken a teaspoon with a treble attached

cheers Mark "flickinlures"


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