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Winter boat maintenance for a newbie!


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I purchased a 2004 Quintrex Coastrunner with a 60hp Yamaha 2 stroke last November and after a lot of fun over Summer/Autumn she's sitting pretty idle in the garage. As I'm not taking it out regularly is there anything I really should be doing? I'm not the most handiest of people and am planning to get it serviced but was really wondering about batteries (I have 2 batteries), easy engine maintenance on engine/trailer etc. I would appreciate any 'handy hints'!


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The batteries could do with a top up charge, from a smart charger like a ctek. All batteries loose charge over time, so if you're not running the motor they will eventually go flat, which is no good for the batteries.

I'm also a strong believer in using products like salt away to wash any salt residue out of the motor, especially if its not used as much.

Hope that helps

Cheers Leo

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That is exactly what I am looking for Leo, thank you so much! My battery knowledge is pretty flat (pun intended!) so wasn't sure what to do with them, luckily I have a few birthday vouchers left so might go and get those 2 products. Thanks again!

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I also have two batteries. I use a small "battery fighter" charger. I connected the wire with plug to the batteries and it stays tucked away in the boat.

When I come home I just flick the battery isolater switch off. Plug in the charger to the connection in the boat check the light comes on. Then I just unplug when I take the boat out. ( my boat is kept under cover so its easy).

I have no idea if a Ctek is better but have just replaced the original 2003 battery that came with the boat.

That way we don't have to play around with the battery boxes.

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Do you run the motor dry of fuel? If not then having old fuel sitting the the carbies can cause problems. In

either case it's a good idea to give it a run (with fresh fuel) at least every 2 months. If there is any fuel left in the

boat then you need to ensure it doesn't go off. Either drain it out and use it for something else or use a

fuel preserving additive.

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I agree with Billfisher not to leave old fuel in the carbies specially with 2 stroke, I try to run my motor every 2 - 3 weeks I believe the more its run the better Im not sure if this anything to do with me not replacing (or charging) my batteries for over 5 years.

I also replace my wheel bearings each year , you will not see my boat parked up on the side of the highway.

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It never hurts to run the motor every two or three weeks for ten or so minutes. Just be careful with the petrol. Old fuel is not good to run through the motor. If you don`t intend to use the boat until the Spring I would wait until then to have it serviced. Give the motor a good wipe over and remove all the salt and grime that maybe on the motor and then a good spray of some engine protectant. Give Huey a quick call and ask for his advice about a spray. Keep an eye out for condensation build up around the motor and even in the boat. It is also a good time to wipe clean your electrical fittings and repair/replace any that are showing signs of deteriation. If uncertain about your electricles or you wish to upgrade a friendly chat to an auto electrician will put you in the right direction.

Why not go the whole hog and do a winter clean and strip the boat and wash it out thoroughly. You might find a few things you never knew you had lost. Any rusty hooks or sinkers will be found and save you big dollars later. You might find a few possible spots where corrosion was about to start..

You might like to jack the trailer up off the ground and rest the tyres. ( just a thought ) But be careful.


Happy Days,..


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Evidence of why this is the best website! Thank you so much for your advice, haven't thought of the fuel so might take it for a spin and run it down, if only this rain would go! Have 2 weeks holidays coming up so might do it then.

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The list of things you can learn about looking after a boat is never ending, Im sure theres enough boat owners on this site to advise on every thing you will ever need to know. all you need to do is ask. take a read through these to old posts, surely you will find something you can use




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Here's a list I've gone through over the past couple of years:

  • Clean petrol filter - Small little container where petrol line goes to.
  • Put Stabliser in petrol and pour new petrol - I only use 98 in all of my engines.
  • Replace Impeller
  • Remove prop check for fishing line and check seal - Be sure to remove spark plug leads before removing prop
  • Change lower leg gear oil - get the pipe that screws into the bottom hole
  • Jack up trailer and spin wheel, check for noise or a shakey wheel - if so replace bearings or regrease bearing - imo don't use bearing buddies, its caused me more problems
  • Unscrew all floor boards and check for items in hull, sinkers etc.
  • Trickle charge batteries
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Check anchor rope for kinks etc.
  • Spray Fish Oil on winch (if its a metal cable) - I use White King brand.
  • Start motor once every 3-4 weeks for a short 3-5 minutes - make sure to remove the muffs straight after your done!

I know it's a lot to take in. If you're unsure of any of the procedures, look them up on youtube, there's a lot of videos on all of the above - and a combination of asking here as well =) Have fun and don't forget the bungs!

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locodave,s right, in this weather I take mine for a drive around the block to turn the wheel bearings,

Then run the donk for 10 in the garden then back in the garage.

My fishing club has renamed my boat ETERNAL FLAME it never goes out.

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Replies a bit late but any way i have 2 little solar panels connected to the batteries there about 400mm long by 100mm wide can be bought at any camping or car part shop for around $25 each.Thay sends a trickle thru them that keeps the acid moving around the plates if thay sit to long with no charge going thru them the plates deteriate batteries are 5yrs old and still like new

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Guest Guest123456789

To add to the collection, get under the trailer and attack any corrosion with a metal brush or sandpaper then apply marine grease or inox. 

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