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Hi all,

Any idea what this fish is?

Caught in Salt Pan Creek (George's River) this morning on a prawn (swam away happily after photos). Measured 85 cm.

It looks like a Longtom, but according to my books the bigger ones such as the Banded Longtom have dark fins. The only Longtom I can find with yellow fins is a tropical variety that only grows to about 50 cm.

My book says they are all good eating but from memory as a kid in Redcliffe QLD, they are absolutely full of bones. We used to catch them off the rock wall but not this big.



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We caught this guy on the drift at the start of Salt Pan Creek in Revesby Heights - just downriver of the large Catamaran moored in the creek there.

He had gobbled the prawn and hook so I cut that off - no way I was sticking my hand in that gob to try and get a hook back!

Didn't do any real damage to the leader however.

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The biggest long tom species can grow to 4 feet or so. Think it is the Stout Longtom as Blackfish mentioned.

Found one on the bank of Lake Illawarra when I was a kid (many years ago) and it was easily 4 feet long ( measured it against my height at the time) and the body was much thicker than my arm.

Catch a few in Port Hacking from time to time around the 40 to 50 cm mark. Ate a couple, similar to garfish in taste, but would prefer the garfish. Cut off the fillets and carefully remove the rib bones from the fillet. Pan fry in bread crumbs.

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