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snapper 22.10.13


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Wow u really know how to find those bigger specimens

Cheers mate. Im not complaining but Id like to crack a 80cm fish this season but I'm not being greedy and stoked with the fish i've caught the past couple of months.

That is an awesome couple of reds, you sure have the code worked out! What a great day to be out too!

Thanks Jenno64. It was blowing from south early so slept in. The wind only backed off around 10'sh so it was a late one but high was at 11 which worked in my favour.

Reds of a life time for a lot of people, well done.

What sort of depth do you fish if I may ask.

I have been getting them anywhere between 100-170ft. A good guide and you pretty much cant go wrong is head out of Bellambi to the coal ships. Where the closer ones anchor is the depth and area they have been getting caught.

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