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Friday Nite Freezer


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hi all my mate glenn and my self took off for our friday ritual the hawkesbury jew bash. as i put the boat in around 5pm i noticed the ramp at brooklyn empty except for 2 cars parked next to me .i always love it when no ones around up there as you dont often get the place to your selves but we had it ...we left the ramp for our spot soon we arrived and baited up and waited for the hit to happen sure enough 3hrs later theres a beautiful 15kg jew in the boat we had a great nite out there. It was freezing even with the old gas heater on no sleep until 5am saturday i was stuffed we headed back in to a beach on the way in and had a barbie breakfast thanks glenn those eggs were beautiful hopefully the weather will stay fine for friday as im havin a sickeee to get my fix tight lines to all cya out there..............

EDIT: Sorry mate. I was getting a sore neck looking at your Jew, so I straightened her up! :thumbup:

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'To the victor go the spoils'.......mate, you put in the effort and the hours and you are rewarded.....well done. :1clap:

I can't do the all night stints anymore, I just feel so shattered after it..... :wacko:

And your out doing it in the middle of winter.. :frozen::thumbup:



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all it comes down is patience and a bit of knowledge i too have come home many a time with zippo ...its a hard old slog i can tell you fishing all day and nite and not turn a reel i usually fish 3 tides at different spots and no i was not at juno pt on friday i find that spot ok but usually only good for one big fish a tide and its called the carpark not juno pt ...ha ha..my mate glenn is the one nailing them hes done very well for him self on ya glenny ..... just on 4yrs ago i never thought id catch jewies the size i have but the size of the big ones that are out their still swimming around enspire me to keep trying ..ans so shall you all....it wont happen over nite but it will happen ..

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