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Bloody wind


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I've been home the last two days sick bored out of my brain,when suddenly while lying on the lounge I hear a loud crash...I thought bloody hell a tree just came down.

I went outside to investigate and found this.post-20199-13830181910987_thumb.jpgpost-20199-13830182267978_thumb.jpgpost-20199-13830182649833_thumb.jpgpost-20199-13830183024723_thumb.jpga tree limb had come down and narrowly missed the fence with no damage done but a few branches and rubbish in the pool.Very lucky indeed,could have been replacing some fencing today.Just what I need being sick and all.

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I was at my parents home years ago during a windy day when there was a knock on the door and it was the woman who lived directly behind. I never heard a thing but the gum tree in our back yard had completely blown over and fell through a small gap between our fernhouse and avery without doing any damage to either, flattened the back fence and landed lengthways along a car the woman had in her backyard for parts and flattened it like a pancake, took out her clothesline and fell just short of her back verandah!


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