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China Fishing


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Hi Guys.

Just thought I'd share this with you.

I have just had a business trip to China. One of my hosts offered to take me fishing on the Sunday. He organised one of his friends who has the gear.

The 3 of us and his young son drove one hour up into the mountains to a very traditional village, they were hand harvesting, processing and drying rice.

We fished in a little stream by the road. They had a dried powder that they mixed into a dough and called meat.....funnily enough it smelt like meaty bites!

The gear was extendable graphite poles with the line attached to the end, about 3-4m of line, a number of small bead floats, very light lead and two hooks.....I didn't know you could get hooks that small.

The fish.....well look at the pictures

At lunch time we just left all the gear where it was, walked into the village and sat in a house for lunch, I actually never saw the money change hands. On the way back to the gear we stopped in the village shop, which was open, but no one there, after 5 minutes we took 2 bottles of water and left some money on the counter.

I was invited to my hosts house for dinner that night, his friend had made 3 different dishes out of the fish, every one of them delicious.

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