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St Clair


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Spent the weekend up at St Clair. It was hot and windy when I arrived Saturday afternoon, paddling out into the north easterly didn't appeal to me so I delayed launching in the hope the wind would drop. It didn't and I really wanted to fish, if I reached the western shoreline there would be some protection from the wind and at least make the fishing bearable. The trip over was interesting, the yak wasn't very dry in the chop and I was soaked by the time I reached the opposite bank. Over the next 4hrs I tried plastics, jackalls and surface for only four fish. The fishing was tough, the wind did eventually drop as the sun set and I had high hopes for the following morning.

Strong wind were again forecast for the Sunday, the plan was to head of early and be back before the winds hit. The conditions were perfect as we launched at 5 and by 5.30 I was at my chosen bank. It's always a good sign when your lure gets smashed first cast and when another fish jumps on two cast later you know your in for a good morning. It turned out to be one off my best dam surface sessions and I lost count of the number of fish landed before the sun rose and the bite slowed. Most fish were in the 37-39fl bracket, 3 over 400 and a few little ones joined in the fun. When the surface bite stopped I switched to jackalls and was reward with another few fish before I made my way back to camp, just beating the wind.

Cheers, Dean

















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GREAT session there, Dean! Terrific pics. I must get back there one day!! You may have seen my buddy Michelle up there in her Outback? Practising for the ABT Bass GF this weekend (up at Toonumbar!)



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