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Long reef from North Head


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Hi. Reading so often that Long Reef is the place to go, I am tempted, after 4 years of boating in the harbour, to get out there.

I have a Quintrex Sport bowrider 470, and 60HP 4 stroke. Max Speed 50 kmh on flat water.

I am thinking of getting a VHF radio and Epirb, which is around $500.

To justify this expense to the finance minister I wanted to know how often is the weather allowing an easy ride out there, and how long is the ride?

Since I fish mostly with my son, I am very much risk adverse, so any swell above 1m would be a no-go, as for the wind, it would have to be less then 10knots. And yes, I can go out only on the weekends.

Or is there anything closer in?

Thanks for the info

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This sounds very familiar as i recent set myself up for offshore after years on the inside lol. You will absolutely need an EPIRB, safety equipment, VHF and a PFD. I have an old Lazeabout with a 70 and it has never taken more than 20min to get there at around 18-20 knots. Yes thats fast but if you cant do that speed i really shouldnt be out. Always picks up on the way home but keep an eye on the weather and take it slowly and adjust to conditions. In all honesty if you have years of experience you will know what is safe and capable for your boat just keep an eye on the weather, never trust a report. As for longy its not the magic fishing spot i thought it was lol. Had much better luck at the FAD, arty, Annie, heads etc.

Enjoy and stay safe!

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I think an EPIRB is an essential part of any boat, wether or not you are fishing outside.... Boats dont take long to sink and it gives you extra piece of mind knowing that you can be found, especially if using your boat at night. Same goes with a marine radio, not only to contact marine rescue but other boats that are in the area that 9 times out of 10 will be able to get to you before marine rescue.

Definitely $500 well spent

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