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Dollies and Stripes.

Basil D

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After reading all those mouth watering reports, I was heading on Wednesday for a Dollie bash with meng, Apparently mengs Brother sold he’s shop and he had to help clean out all the cockroaches :risata: (Just kidding meng, but you missed out) Anyway I was still going to head out and a friend of mine called to go fishing in the harbour and I said no way man, Im going off shore he suggested we go with hes boat and a couple of hes mates, sweat I said no worries lets do it.

we picked up 38 yakkas between four of us and off we went.

I tell you there is nothing better than live bait, one hit after another, little ones to 80cm untill the livies finished and that was it, we tried soft plastics, pillies etc but it wasn’t the same so we packed up and trawled a few hours and only got the stripies, well tried but I couldn’t git the lip stick look Andrew had :P

came back in and tried for some calamari but low tied and discoloured water mean we were up against it.

we had a good day out teasing and joking around threatening to throw each other overboard and I tell you I was close to doing that, LOL



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Great trip in the deep blue fellas.

Basil you are a fishing machine,making it too the ramp extra early before that monster 26ft fishing machine arrived :flying:

Thanks for the dolly mate its all prepped for tonights dinner,also your esky looks small in that boat :lol:

Hopefully get a ride in it soon


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Welldone mate nice dolly there great pics too

Thanks Krispy

Yes they are great fun (good eating too) and certainly love the livies.

I'm trying to work out how I can get out there next week.

Being onboard with a good group of guys is an extra bonus


yeah its good fun with mates.

Some nice fish there Groper.

Yhanks Yowie

Basil the fish was a winner for my family,salt and pepper the fillets and fryed in butter and pure plive oil

Left us wanting more :sun::sun: :sun:


your welcome, thanks for the Gemies last winter ;)

Well done Bas. 80cms dollies goes along way on the table . :).

they sure do Tony.

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