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What does everyone do with so many dollies?


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Hi guys just curious, I see a lot of people baggin out on the dollies, we have been cleaning up the last couple of weekends but only take 1 or 2 each since you have to eat them fresh, plus I don't like taking them unless they go to good use.

So I was just wondering what does everyone do with 10 dollies?

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Normally only keep 4 or 5 each. The next door neighbour gets one a little compensation for early morning trips when noise just happens and a thankyou for bringing the bins in etc when we are away. Plus two sons with there own families. We ice them down when caught, fillet and keep in a very cold fridge and can be eaten for a week fresh without freezing. We don't wash the fillets just keep them dry as possible then cover with plastic film.


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