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South Coast Creek Wanderings


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G'day Raiders,

Well with a late start yesterday I decided to go wandering betwen a few of the creeks and rivers down hear on the south coast. First stop was a narrow section of the Tuross river. Started off throwing arund some 2" bulky Hawgs and it wasn't long before I had a nice fat 65cm Flattie at my feet. A few more hits followed but no hook-ups. Changed to a Juro firebait and was casting into a deeper eddy that produced a coupl eof nice bream (32 & 34cm) that were ripping through the bait school.

decided to move on and found myself at Coila creek road bridge. Chanded back to a 2" hawg in watermelon as ther was a lot of green weed on the bottom that giving the water that greeny tinge. I cast out towards the various bridge pylons which was aout 6' of water. Scored 3 bream here ranging from 26-35cm, All black bream.

On the way back home I came across a little naroow creek that looked perfect for Bass. Deep pockets with many a sunken tree. I decieded to stop and have a flick as I was unsure whether it was fresh or salt water. First cast into a snag with a resin headed flick bait I sighted big black bream come out for a look, a quick flick of the lure and BANG.... I was wresting her out of the snag, once I thought I was in the clear I backed off a little but she found another snag that I was able to work it out of and landed a beeautiful 43cm fork Blacky.

As i walked futher upstream a shiny thing in the water caught my eye. I put the ol glasses on and noticed there were 2 dead bream under a sunken tree. Not sure what may have happened to them but they were still in good nick with only minimal decay. Maybe polution????? I hope not


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Well done mate.

So what do you think of the blackies fight? Do you think they are tuffer then thier equivelant yellowfin bream cousins ? ( pound for pound of course)

You got to start taking the digital camera and getting some snaps.



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Yeh I plan to give the coila system a good work out. I've heard good reports from there



G'day Mitch i am now a Shoalhaven fisho but i know the Tuross and Coila systems intimately. I have fished them for around 12 years up until about 5 years ago. Top spot in paradise. :thumbup:

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Mitch at the rate u are giving these reports u'll be expecting way too many visitors. JUst tell me what carton of beer you would like and u'll might see me at ur door. HAhaha good stuff mate. sounds like u are having a ball of a time down there.



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