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cleaning vinyl seats


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So I have these vinyl seats on my boat that are pretty dirty. Have tried off the shelf vinyl cleaners but none seem to work. Anyone know of any special cleaners or some old trick that magically fixes it?

I have attached a pic of what the rest or the seat looks like.


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I use $2 spray can degreaser from any autoshop

Spray on.. leave for 5 minutes, give it a light scrub... then finish with a quick rinse of water..

Cheap and works great! Give it a try


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Try sugar soap diluted in warm water and give it a good going over with a soft bristled brush and sponge, it should help, otherwise you need something with a little more abrasivnes to it.

Toothpaste worked in with a damp rag will bring it back a fair bit followed by a wipe with 50/50 mix of thinners and transmission oil.

For those that were not aware the thinners and oil does a fantastic job on automotive tyres and getting the wax/polish of black trim.

I've used these methods for years.


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I used toilet cleaner. Sprayed it on and allowed to sit for five minutes. A good scrub and washed off with warm water. Took most of the dirt off. Gumption the bits left with a tooth brush. Also used the hose to remove grime.

JUST BE CAREFUL you do not weaken the stitching of the vinyl. If that appears to be happening fix it quickly.

Ditto Fab but make sure you thoroughly remove all residue/ The hose is a good way. Synthetic chamoise is a good item to use in the cleaning.

A wipe with Pine o clean to freshen the boat.

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