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Easiest $400


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Had a mate of mine recommend me to do a welding job for a friend of his on the weekend just gone.

When he came over he asked if I was as good as what he had been told.

I asked him what car his wife drove and he said, an Audi.

I told him each circle i weld free hand on some scrap within 5mm out of round he gives me $100 bucks.

He told me it, s impossible.

Any way I left him and he's wife chatting with mine for 10mins and called him to have a look and gave him this.Posted ImageThe furthest I was out on one of the rings was 2.7mm.

After measuring I told him that would be $400 thanks and his face dropped.

He offered to give me the money but I declined.

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Well played sir well played.

Those are some truly impressive welds! Which type? (Excuse my ignorance I'm only competent enough to not blow holes in things with a mig)

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That's impressive.

No, it's actually more than impressive it's quite astounding.

I had a stint as the GM of an engineering company who provided contract welders to the Sydney Olympic Stadium Project.

We put the applicants through some pretty rigorous freehand testing. These were gun welders and none of them came close to this.

I wish I had a welding project for you!



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I'll pass on the extra work thanks guys, I have work, work and more work that I can deal with at the moment.

Both my grandfather and father were fabricators in Uruguay which for those that don't know was/is a beautiful country but very poor one.

My dad would mark out circles, triangles etc with chalk when I was about 7 and make me run a continuous bead with an old Arc welder until I could do it without chalk.

Anyone that can do a free hand circle with stick welding has my respect as your a long way away from your work.

Using migs, etc is childs play in my opinion.


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Guest Aussie007

not bad Fab :biggrinthumb: i just purchased a new mig to do spool gun welding on aluminium, mig welding is pretty easy i found stick welding the hardest and picked up tig pretty easy

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