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Rose Bay 06/06/14


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Evening Raiders,

Firstly big thanks to the folk who replied with suggestions on the other topic about fishing for a feed.

Went to Rose Bay today for the first time. Arrived at about 7:00 am, low tide. Fished a running sinker for a few hours while the wind was up. Caught what seemed like the entire bay's population of under-sized snapper and got soaked to the bone. This little chap was about the biggest:


Switched to SPs for a while and took a walk round to the left side of the ferry terminal. It looks like it'd be a good spot for flathead or whiting at high tide, nice sandy and snag-free, with a couple of drop offs next to the flats by the storm drain, though you'd either have to cast from the street or jump down to the sand below as there don't seem to be any stairs.

About lunch time the wind died down a little and I switched to a light sinking rig, working the structure. Nothing on the first cast, then second cast I started getting a few little takes, then I got something a fair bit stronger than I'd had all morning and after a short battle pulled out a- possibly barely legal if he was at full-stretch- bream.


Decided to call it a day an hour or so after that. Got a take from something another bream which might have been a bit bigger but came off the hook and another gunther's wrasse too.

All in all, not a bad day and a place I'll try again.

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The whole area along the seawall from the ferry terminal to the marina wharf holds lizards. I have only fished it from a boat but find the the fish are usually in 2-4 metres of water and can be accessed from the sand below the wall if you can get down there safely Just watch the wash from the ferries or you might get wet. This is a good area to fish soft plastics for flathead.

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Definitely looked good for flatties. I tried a few casts from some of the stone steps a little bit along but the water was really shallow, didn't see any lizards and all I got chasing the SP were toadfish. I'll need to try it again at high tide some time and work the whole area.

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