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East coast blue fin report by jake brisbane


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Hi my name is Jake Brisbane, just heard the good news of

The blue fin that have finally hit about 18 mile south of Eden on Wednesday and Thursday.

the fish were caught by 2 long liners in 25000 fathoms.

1 boat getting 20 fish and the other afew as well

The fish ranged between 80 and a 150kgs which is a good sign for us.

My dads close friend is a skipper of one of the boats

My dad thought it would be a good idea to share the information that we get

The old man fished JB in 500 fathoms in 21.6 water with the current pushing down the hill at about 3.5 knots yesterday.

He said there was a good temp break on the inside and out side of the shelf of 20.0 deg but no real good sign of bait or anything.

They trolled with a range of lures with not even a stripy.

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You & your dad are top guys for sharing the info, hope to hear more reports as the fish migrate north & hopefully it wont be to long before they hit our waters up here off Sydney, just hope the weather plays it part to.

Cheers Steve

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Just talked to dads mate and he said they are starting to see a fair few blue fin now south of bermi now and there is a really good temp break of Turros at the moment and that's were they will be putting there line tonight.

I will post up watch they catch tomorrow.




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just an update on yesterday fished of wollongong for nothing all day with just stripies every went out to the 600's with 21" deg. water.Very quiet and then started heading in to 80 fathoms of port found a good current line with birds in it every were we trolled up it for about 30 seconds an a massive bronzie was there feeding on cuttlefish. We started winding in the lures and bang the shot gun whet off bronzie on a lure with a stella faugh it for 50 mins with maximum drag and straightened the hooks ahh well get that. We were tipping the shark to go 300.

An update with the Bluefin aswell dads mate shot of bermi got 60 Bluefin and the smallest was 40 kgs so also a good sign

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Off Ulladulla on Saturday the 21st of June 2014, made it out to the 1800 line with not a tuna insight.

We did get a 117cm Dollie at the 500 line near the Ulladulla Kink.

Hoping the weather settles down soon so we can get out there and chase them again.

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