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Kings at Long Reef


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After reading some good reports about Kings t Long Reef my mate and I decided to give them go , so after catching a supply of bite size yellowtail we headed out.


On the way around North Head we set lures out and a nice sized Salmon took a pink squid lure.

At Long Reef while looking for a good spot we put pink squid out and landed our first King at 58cm back it went.

Drifting around with the livies out the back produce another this time 62cm, but with n additional 8/0 hook hanging from his jaw. He went back a happier fish after being relieved of his extra hardware.

Then it was out to Long Reef wide where I have done OK on flathead and the odd red, but it was as very quite so we headed back to out trusted site off Dee Why. This produced flathead and some reds, and then moved further south to a Morwong spot I think is known as the dumping ground which produced some more reds, flathead, morwong, Samson fish, as well as several banjo sharks which went back after wasting time bringing them up.

A pod of about 5 whales went past putting on a show for us, I tried to photograph them but I had to be quick and didn't have time to set up a good shot.




The wind blew up and then eased, and we got a good feed and the salmon was as good as the reds for tea tonight. I have discover the trick is to cut off the red flesh and just lightly cook it. It came out just as nice as the flathead and better than the snapper which I think has a taste in the skin at this time of year.


Maybe the larger Kings will be there next week.

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There are several areas around DY wide, the foul ground, or dumping ground is 33 46.9 151 21.025, but you need to poke aound, watch your sounder to avoid the hard reef, and try several locations around the area. Mark your GPS when you get a fish so you ncan drift back over that spot.

Regards saltrix

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