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Early plastics session with dan

Guest hawkesbass

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Guest hawkesbass

Hit up the georges land based with ddaniel flicking plastics this morning.

We started working our chosen area with dan getting the first hookup and passing me his rod with a nice little fight i land a trevally around 33cms get quick photo and released after a few casts i hook a feisty bream on zmans watermelon grub about the same size as the trevally.

Dan moved further along the rocks and hooked up passing me his rod again with a few spirited runs and head shakes it was a little school jew around the 50 cm mark more quick photos and released.

I landed another bream at 20 cms and as the tide slowed we could fish properly for more jews.

Dan hooked up after a five minute fight pulled the hook on a jew we did not see.

We got a few chopper tailor each then i hooked another jew with some good runs and headshakes in him after ten minutes i had him landed measuring 60 cms after quick photos he was released.

We moved too another location with dan getting a flattie of 49 cms we got a couple more hits and called it quits soon after.











Photo quality is not the greatest left my phone at home.

Cheers trevor

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Guest hawkesbass

Some great fish there.

I like the Swordy impersonation, Haa.

Well done Trevor

Couldnt help myself.
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Guest hawkesbass

Well done Trevor and co, looks like a fantastic session with some quality fish. It must have been due to all the Rabbitohs gear blinding the fish!

What can i say i have good taste in football teams

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Guest hawkesbass

A nice mixed bag of fish for a winter morning.

Once the wind got up it got real cold real fast

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Your reports amaze me, if I caught that many fish in a year I would be stoked!

You must know the Georges river like the back if your hand.

Thanks for the report... I need to get out more and more ...


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