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Any Fin 22-07


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we got out very late, had freaking electrical problems, didn't leave Sydney Heads until 1pm, was so pissed off, I was a moody pric$ all morning

got 5NM wide of browns around 2.15pm and stuck the lures and teasers out, got a hookup on small fish straight away, it was small kingfish, never caught one out that wide before

headed towards heatons, got a hook up on bigger fish and dropped it, about 20 minutes later got a BFT, took about 15 minutes to land, not sure how big, had to gaff and rope its tail to get it into the boat, might be up to 100kg, got photos and video, will post a report tommorrow

we only trolled about 1hr and half, got the BFT and said F+CK it, that will do and headed back :)

so they are out there

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We got a fish on the troll and got them taking cubes at the back of the boat today. They are still there, just not as crazy as Monday by the general sounds of things

Ross is that you?
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Thanks for the marks we heard them and headed over with about the 60 also other boats had no luck our selfs.big day hundreds of ks covered for jack.maybe to many boats scared them off.i'd hide if the m5 was over my house.good luck all,catch many and let just as many go,,,,,,,,,

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Like many , we coverd around 200 kms for nothing other than a small stripe we used for bait on the gems, with lots of makos eating lots of them up.

It was good to be out there trying out the new boat. I think they will rise again for another insane day like Monday. Good luck to all getting out there.

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