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Botany Bay


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G'day Raiders

Went to Botany Bay yesterday early to fish the rockwall opposite bare island ( I think it's called mollies point????)

Hooked up three times to what I imagined were sizable fish only to get bust off three times ! Then the fella in the boat anchored close by managed to hang onto one long enough to boat it. Salmon ! Really fat and healthy salmon too ! It must have been at least 5kg and around 70 to 75 cm

Anyway around 9am the big southerly came in and I headed to the cooks to escape the wind and flick some plastics around but no success. Decided to pack up around 11 and on my way back to the boat ramp came by a bust up on the surface of big sambos. Threw a metal at them and hooked up instantly ! Only to get busted off again. Then another boat wanting in on the action came by and drove straight through the middle of them and sent them down deep, I hung around for another 20 mins but they didn't come back. Bugger ! I try not to get too upset because back in early days I made similar mistakes and copped a fair few tongue lashings haha.

Some action to be had but no fish to take home. Oh well that's fishing I guess.


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Hi Mate I was using pretty light gear 12 pound line with 15 pound leader. I think some of the more experienced fishos probably could have landed them. Maybe I had my drag cranked up too tight

You should be right with 12 pound line. As you said, drag too tight.

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Yep I had a bad run but at least il know better next time I guess. I always worry that if my drag is too relaxed il end up with a spat hook.

Should I up the line strength ?

You shouldn't need to up the line strength mate, 12lb is plenty for Salmon, just check your drag and your knots thoroughly. Even 6-8lb is usually ok if there's no structure.

If you can recall where the line was failing, you should be able to work out what was going wrong for you. Good luck mate.

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Hi members

I fished that spot and could have been me with my kids fishing when those Salmon showed up, we thru many metal lures at them too and could not land any, so we trolled out the 20lb lines and big feathered lures around them and would take them just back behind the boat before setting the lines up

We pulled in many Salmon on feather lures the largest was 70cm "Great Thai fish cakes" The schools were from the heads to Trevally Alley then the schools of tailor took over with some salmon of around the same size with them and could be caught all the way back to mouth of Cooks River

My kids had a great days fishing and we are now waiting on the kingies to show up and hope to be there at the end of October and make our way out to the Peak

Any body who knows about this and the kingies at the peak

Lead lines, and then jigs, and then lives as they know what is happening and the season goes on

I caught a 4' Mako Alvey bow reel with a pillie on it from the bottom one year

Seals are some times a problem with your catch and gear

Some of the best days fishing are still to come this year and my kids are looking forward to getting out there and hanging on to tight rods my youngest still has to leave it in the holder and just wind, good to watch the battle unfold and see what comes in

Jigging the Peak is such fun you my catch 3 different types of fish in one jig if you lose one and then another the sounder full of fish from the top to the bottom

just got to love it and I am hoping for good weather in the coming months

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