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My Rubbish day


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Woke up on Sunday and thought that I might take my boat for a quick run before soccer

to check that it was all good from coming back from getting sorted.

Drove down to the Tascott ramp, did a beautiful solo launch and tie up and went and parked the


Climbed on board and went to start. Took a bit longer than I was expecting but it got

going and i idled out passed all the moored boats.

Got in to "open seas", and put the throttle down, boat rapidly picked up speed

to 55 km/h then the engine died. I just couldn't get it going at all. So I put the anchor out and

ate some fruit. Eventually got it going but everytime I tried to get a bit of speed, it would die

so I managed to head to shore and it died just as i got there.

I jumped out and had to walk it back to the ramp, cutting myself on a few shells on t he way.

I eventually got it tied up, put it on the trailer and as I was strapping it on, a woman came up to me

and told me my trailer tyre was flat. It had a couple of cuts/slahes in the sidewall. No idea how that happened.

Maybe I hit some rocks when putting it in the water. Anyway, no spare, so I had to leave the boat,

go home, have a bite to eat, pick up my spares and then go off to soccer.

20 minutes in to the game, I pull my hamstring so I have to sit out the rest of the match.

After the game (we won 1-0), I head back to the boat with the spares and discover that none of

them fit. Seems like I have a weird stud pattern/size, so no where was open to

get a new tyre. I toyed with going to repco to get a new hub but in the end, I just

took everything out of the boat and left it there.

Picked up a replacement tyre and am heading over to put it back on. I asked the tyre

place to tell me what the stud pattern is. They think it was off a Peugeot or something like that,

so I still don't have a spare. I'm think about just replacing the axle so I can use the current spares

or maybe just get a new tralier.

Anyway, I'm not happy that the outboard is still playing up. I even ran it on idle a couple of days

before I went out so i was pretty confident that it was all going to go well.


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Went back, boat still there.

Went to put the wheel back on, one wheel nut missing. Its in the car somewhere.

Did up the other four and took it home.

Notice that the second roller has cracked its weld. Bought a welder to have a go

at sorting out the trailer, but it looks like it is DOA as it won't do the automatic wire feed

so taking that back.

Hooked up the ear muffs, and the outboard started and rang quite sweetly for 20 minutes

so I'm not sure whats going on. I did notice that one of the fuel lines wasn't tight

on the fuel filter and if I want to connect it to another tank, then its too short.

SO I pulled it off and went down the road to find that the shop didn't have any fuel

line left. They also didn't have a replacement welder either, but they will get one in and swap mine.

The trailer seems to basically sound but it has a few rotten bits in it. It looks like the axle used

to be further back but the holes have rusted out so they moved it forward. This meant when I put the 120HP

on it, its very light on the front end so will tip up easily.

So I've covered the boat up and I'm shunning it for now! IF I can find some more fuel line, then I might have another go

on Friday morning.

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