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50cm Nepean Bass (Um sorry EP) - (Still) Fish of a lifetime for me


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Howdy Raiders,

Well it took many years to happen but I've finally cracked the magical 50cm mark for a bass.

Put the yak in and headed off into the fog - couldn't see a thing.

My mate Chris and I caught the regulation fish of 25cm and smaller early in the fog and then later in the morning I sounded some fish holding on structure in a hole near the bank.

I was fishing an el-cheapo lure from a well known online store LOL. It was a sinking Bass jellybean (fat crank) so I let it sink down in the hole for a good couple of minutes. I gave it a couple of cranks up off the bottom and the lure stopped dead. Thought I caught the structure then all hell broke lose and I was being towed up the river. After a long fish on 4lb leader, 4lb main line and a 1-3 kg rod I landed the fish of a lifetime for me.

The fish measured exactly 50cm to the tip of the tail and was fat and round like a football. It had a mouth like a bucket!!!

After some snaps the fish swam away very strongly and I lined up the same spot and put in another cast. Sat... waited, waited, waited, two cranks bang. On again. This time a 35cm model.

Awesome day and something I'll truly treasure for the rest of my life. Below are some pics.





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Wow that is an amazing fish mate

If you think about it, I've caught 50cm salmon and when I turn that into a bass, it would just blow me away

Well done mate

Treasure that memory

I'm sure it went hard, it is soooo fat

Cheers thefisherman6784

P.S. How are bass on the table

Not that I would keep an amazing fish like this though

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Righto.... there you go then hey LOLOLOLOL So, my Bass PB remains at 38cm.

My EP PB is 50cm.

I said to my mate Chris one of the fish he caught early in the day was an EP but I didn't think they went into the fresh, I thought they stayed in salt.

You live and learn.

Thanks guys.

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