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Prawning failure kurnell


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Hey guys, I know it's early in the season, but on Monday night I attempted my first ever prawning session.

I went down to kurnell a bit after dark and started with my net and light around the west side of silver beach. While I was doing this, my mate was flicking a squid jig around.

A few odd prawn were around, however they were pretty small and they kept slipping through my net.

My mate failed to grab any squid however their were tonnes of little whiting and stuff. I even managed to scoop up a few garfish which were constantly swimming into our legs. Everything was released as there wasn't enough for a feed or to freeze.

So, why did I fail?

Was it my experience/technique?

Was if the conditions?

Was it my location?

Cheers for the help guys!

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Silver Beach runs the full length of Prince Charles Parade and up to Bonna Point. As far as I know, and its been years since we went prawning up there, it is a bit early yet. We always went Dec/Jan when chasing prawns and that was up at the sand spit with the weed beds running down each side whilst using prawn nets...not a drag net. Look out for sand crabs and numby rays.


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J Thanks guys, yea I've had a few run ins with numb rays in the past, actually stepped on a big one last night. Luckily I had old shoes on!

Gonefishing, I mean along the main part of kurnell, not around in quibray bay. Cheers for the heads up though. I definitely don't want to be breaking any laws.

They were pretty small Yowie, looking at them you wouldn't think they could fall through but they wiggled their way out.

This Friday is actually new moon, am I just being to ambitious?

Should I not even bother?

Plus what effect will the rain and weather at the moment have in the prawns?

Thanks for all your help guys!

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I think you are too early as I have prawned Revesby Beach at Cattleduffers Park on Georges River with a drag net from late November through to March with plenty of success. I have tried earlier in season like yourself and found the prawns are usually too small to stay in net. Late December when moon rises around 9.30 -9.45 pm on a hot night with run out tide has been my most successful time.


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