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Port Jackson SP action


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Was up early and hit the water at 545am.

Plan was to head out to troll some skirts in the hope of a Dolly on the way to long reef but had the oil light flashing on my dash! Gutted. Figured Suzuki must make allowances for an early warning system but decided to stay in the harbour just in case.

tried a few spots for squid but only managed one small cuttlefish which was ceremoniously demolished by leather jackets when dropped at a marker. Grrrrr!

Decided to have a flick at the markers with some 9in Slug go's and my mate Max got hit straight away but the 40lb fluoro wasn't strong enough and he got snapped off!! It was a big king maybe a metre plus.

Second hit and the fish Stripped the plastic from the jig head!

Third hit and the hook pulled!!

Fourth and we managed to boat a fat 73cm king!!!

Perfect conditions and lots of kings sounding at the marker buoys post-15085-0-99574800-1414307260_thumb.jpgpost-15085-0-39019600-1414307279_thumb.jpgbut they would have been easier with live baits.

Also saw a seal pup and some dolphins. The pup had teeth marks all the way around his body but was fine. Must have escaped a GW attack

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What model suzuki do you have??

Cause the flashing oil light just means it's due for a service on mine.

To get rid of it flashing you can pull the kill switch 3 times

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I have a 2010 DF 50, checked the oil when I got home and it was a quarter full, so no dramas. have someone coming to service it this week. great engines.

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Great work on the king mate

I tried a couple of markers yesterday with a 5inch jerk shad would you mind telling me what marker you got them on

I also think I saw that seal it had a couple of marks from something at the back

Cheers sydneyfisher12

Sure mate, I think the longer slug-go's/slap stix have a better action which helps to get the fish excited :0)

We hooked them all old yeller.

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