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Mixed bag in and out of the harbour


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Beautiful day on the harbour last Friday with hardly any boats out. Found yakka's quickly, tried a few spots for squid but no luck ... quite different from the week before! Headed out and turned left picking up a couple of rat kings.


Kept going to Long Reef, a bit of a current, but started the burley trail and had a few good runs on the light line out the back only to be bitten off, plenty of wrasse and then a black drummer on a squid strip!


Decided to head back in and dropped a yakka and a few lines near quarantine for the catch of the day ... a lazy John Dory ... before the jackets zoned in and ate anything and everything!


The joy of mid week fishing, even if the winter species are taking over!

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how big were those jackets? reason that im asking is because i want to know if its the same schools /size through out the harbour, or if we get schools of them coming in during winter.

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