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New Boat

The Rabbit

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For everyone advise and opinions thanks.

After spending some time looking at various options we decided taht we wanted at least 6 person capacity. So this meant at least a 5.25 mtr boat.

I have purchase a 2nd Hand Savage Ospery 550 Bowrider, Built Dec 2003 with a 115hp Mercury Saltwater Outboard.

Should be out on the water next weekend :thumbup:

No Photo's ( Took the digital camera and the batteries went flat) (took a spare set an they were discharged too, bloody kids !!!!!)

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Yep bloody excited.

Gee, had not even thought about giving her a name.

It's ready to pick up, got the cheque made, trying to get half a day off work, otherwise it's will have to be Saturday. If that happens will have to drive straight to the boat ramp and launch her. It better not rain on the weekend or GOD will be off my xmas card list!!!!!!

And the :wife: passed her boat license test today as well. Weekend after next all ready planning to take her up the Central Coast.

I think I'll have another beer tonight just to celebrate :beersmile:

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Congratrs on the boat, can't wait to see some pics, you a getting it at the perfect time, so you have a month or so to get everything sorted and get used to her before peak season

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