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Carp In The Lane Cover River - Chapter 19


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Hi fish raiders

I went for a walk down in the LCNP on Saturday and the water upstream of the weir was chrystal clear due to lack of rain. I have said it before and I will say it again but yikes :1yikes::1yikes::1yikes: there are some massive carp in there. In 30 seconds I would have spotted 10, most of 10 poind easy.

I aslo saw a huge eel cruising along the edge of the weedbed. He paused right by a big carp and neither took notice of the other.

Does anyone know if carp feed after dark? If so I am so in for a secret squirrel mission after dark.

I also saw soem huge bream on the seaward side and to my big surprise school of big drummer.

If anyone is keen for a night time mission for the carp let me know, especially if we can get a designated driver and doing some prior 'planning' at the Great Northern before hand :beersmile::beersmile:



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Ive hooked a couple of lane cove carp fishing for bass with soft plastics. You think you have the mother of all bass on the line until you see them roll on the surface.

Still havent managed to land one yet, but it does make me wonder sometimes why I'm fishing for little bass while there are 15 pound sportfish feeding at my feet!


P.S. Just in case you didn't know Spanker, you're only allowed to fish from the bank on the south side, from Picnic area 21 (I think), and up. On the north side you're restricted to the area from Fiddens Wharf Road and upstream. Boat fishing is allowed anywhere past the boat shed and baitfishing is prohibited anywhere on the river upstream of the weir.

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There are two kinds, although around Sydney the black drummer is much more common than the silver one.

The black drummer is much darker in colour than a blackfish and lacks the vertical bars. It is also much thicker for its length. If there was a fish rugby team blackfish would play in the backs, but drummer would play in the front row.

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Sounds like the A-Team has been assembled.


Bopa no (conflict of interest there mate?)


Tony Soprano



Okay we need a date and then a meeting time and place

I propose meeting at the Great Northern Friday Night 7.30pm 08/10/2005

An hour or two to talk tactics and partake in an ale or two and we'll be able to execute Operation Fertilzer.



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anyone of you guys have those super long rod without reel thingy (those ones chinese people use)

They are awesome when you hook one of those big carps.. I remember when I was little fighting for like 10minutes because the rods so long and thin plus the line is very weak!

Anyway is this lane cover river? where about is it? I am in if you guys can organise a good time.

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