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Hey Raiders,

Dad got back from a long work trip in the middle east only a few days ago and has had non stop meetings since. Today he finally got off work at a reasonable time so we decided to head down to cowan creek near bobbin head for a quick session. My dad is a huge plastics fan so plan was to target flatty and anything else that fancied a hit. Had no success for a while, decided to head to my jewie spot instead as i've got a bunch of flathead there before. First cast there, got a take, missed it. Now i'm not usually a plastics fisherman, don't mind bait, jigs, hardbodies, but never had much success on plastics, so for me this was a huge event.

Motivated by my unbelievable result, i continued flicking plastics. Just after a flick, as i watched the line start to tighten as the plastic sank, it tightened a lot and really quick, i called dad, let it run for a sec, then struck. The fish then went on a run which emptied half of the 8lb line on my 2500 reel. I played him in for a while and then all of sudden, slack. Reeled in to find i'd been cut off. This was as crushing as it was exciting. My dad quickly chucked me the plastics and i rigged one on, this time with 30lb leader. I cast straight back out, and the second the bait hit the bottom, i was on, same massive run. After a 5 minute fight, i brought in my first jew on plastics measuring in at 67cm.

We released the jew and were straight back out there. It went quiet for a while, then all of a sudden my dad got an insane take. He'd never caught a jew before so I was really hoping he'd get it. Unfortunately, it went straight to the right taking my dads line to the rocks. The fish then did a turn back to the middle of the river and after a long fight my dad hauled in his first jew. The jew measured 78cm, a new pb for my dad.

All in all, a great night and a good break from work for my dad. I'll definitely be using plastics while i have livies out.





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Top effort there mate, both of you with plastics jews and your old mans pb. Even better that you got to experience it with your father

Awesome stuff

Bet is just great spending time with the old man, catching a fish is a bonus

Yeah, catching fish is good, but doing it with dad is a lot better! Cheers guys

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what set up were you using champ? might try my luck one day. 15lb/20lb leader?

10lb mainline, 30lb leader (all i had :P ), plastics were 10cm nuclear chicken minows. Theres heaps around at the moment, definitely worth it!

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