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A nice day out with the better half

big Neil

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My wife Susan still works and has just finished for the year. I've been asking her for ages to come out and spend half a day on the river. We have been salt water fishing many years ago, but she's not keen on freshwater fish or fishing. So it was a bit of a surprise when she said she would. I got everything ready and we were greeted by an overcast day. Ideal, not too hot. We spent half a day leisurely exploring different spots and picking up a few fish at each spot. Fishing wise it wasn't a great day, but she actually enjoyed herself. This, in turn, left me feeling very happy. We didn't catch any monsters, but we had a lovely relaxing half day on the Murrumbidgee. Here's a couple of pics. Cheers Neil (and Susan ).



I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all Fishraider members a safe holiday period and a happy, healthy 2016.

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Great stuff Neil. I'm always nervous taking my wife as she out fishes me nearly every time and let's me know it too!

The first time I took her, she got seasick and said "this is the worst day I've ever had".

To which I replied "see, all those times I go fishing and you thought I was out here enjoying myself" :)

Well done!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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post-20708-0-84224400-1450766488_thumb.jpgpost-20708-0-11181400-1450766549_thumb.jpgpost-20708-0-65271600-1450766594_thumb.jpgpost-20708-0-58353600-1450766633_thumb.jpgpost-20708-0-44155400-1450766681_thumb.jpgpost-20708-0-79468200-1450766736_thumb.jpgpost-20708-0-53687700-1450766789_thumb.jpgThankyou all for the lovely comments. It was extra special for me because Susan only went when I promised she wouldn't break her lovely fingernails. I'm pleased to report that all the fish and fingernails survived unharmed. Maybe she'll go again some day??? Yes guys the river is running nicely at the moment. Good for bait fishing but it makes lure and spinnerbait fishing more difficult. Seasons greetings, Neil.
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