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Sydney - 24 Dec 2015

Scent Blazer Lures

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Planned to head offshore on the 23rd with a couple of Raiders but the forecast was for 20 knots plus SE all day so I thought better of it and cancelled the trip, it would have been pretty rough all day. The 24th looked better but we could only do a half day. Checked the conditions at 6am and it seemed ok, so I decided to give it a go, just my son Ben and myself on-board.

We arrived at the heads, it was lot lumpier than I expected and we couldn’t get any speed up anyway so we put the lures straight out and started trolling directly east towards the shelf. We saw quite a few boats on the way out, all in close. Water was great from about a 1 mile out, 21 to 21.5 and electric blue. We got a 75cm Dolphin Fish about 5 miles out and another slightly smaller one shortly after. Both were caught on a blue lure chain with pilchards inside the stinger lure.

We kept trolling towards the shelf but the water got colder and greener the further east we went. It seemed more promising in close where we got the Dollies earlier so we headed back there and caught a bigger Dollie near the same area around midday. We got it on a 12” yellow lure. The Dollie we caught earlier had a couple of 8” dolphin fish in its guts, cannibals. So we cut up the small Dollies and put it inside the yellow lure to match what they were feeding on, that did the trick.

We called It a day after that and started trolling back towards the harbour. We were only 5 miles out so we were back inside the heads by 1pm. Great day!



Good luck to anyone heading out!









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