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New Boat - Pre Delivery Check.............hmmm


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I stressed to my uncle, new to boating, to get the dealer to give him a water test, show him how to launch, and ensure the quinny works before he towed it to its new home on the central coast.

No - the dealer would not play ball - they water tested it in a test tank!

Well, all went well, except no tilt & trim gauge working on the tacho.

Dealer advised it is under warranty, and Belmont Marine will fix it under yamaha warranty.

Belmont Marine, quite rightly, refused to fix the problem, and would charge for it.

Problem will now be fixed by Belmont Marine at the 10 hour service, and the bill will be footed by the Southern Sydney Dealer.

Moral of the story - water test your new boat with the dealer.

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Makes one think , there is more to buying a boat than just selecting the rig that best suits your situation

I puchased a new boat about 2 years ago , did not give a pre handover water test a second thought until the day I went to pay & collect.

Arrived at the dealers (Western Sydney) & the boat was hooked onto their ute. When inquired why was informed

" We planed to go for a run to ensure you are happy with the set up etc."

As it turned out the motor had been fitted with a 13" prop & was not happy with the performance so they changed it for a 15" & all OK


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