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I'm looking to buy a replacement boat, used, mainly for estuary, but on ok days, also for inshore (outside the heads) fishing in Sydney.

Mainly I fish alone, but occasionally would like to have the family (the Mrs & 3 boys) or a mate or two aboard.

I'm considering purchasing a Haines Seaquell 460 - does anyone have experience with these boats for the uses above?

I notice many have 50hp motors, is that a bit too little grunt for a boat of this size?

While I don't intend to venture outside the heads in any sort of bad weather, I know how fast bad weather can come in... so also any info on how these boats handle the conditions off Sydney would be appreciated.

Any pointers on alternative boats and or things to look for on the used seaquells?



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Hi mate,

Not too familiar with the Haines Sequell. Is it a Haines hunter or signature?

Being a 460 i would prefer at least 70HP.

If you wish to fish bays, around the heads, with a mate or two then personally would go for a 5M + if possible.

I have had a few boats and i think a 5m would be better. There are heaps of options to look at. Would you like a cabin or not fussed?

My last two boats have been Seafarer's and i just love them so i will sound biased. But options to look into.

Seafarer v sea 5m

Seafarer venus 5m (same hull as above just bigger cabin)

Haines hunter profish 525

Haines Sinature 493F

Cruise craft is a good brand too!

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Hmm, if I can get away with it, I'd prefer a boat under 5m due to storage constraints. If you advise this is unwise to even consider, please say so.

I'd also like to stay under $15k, ideally closer to $10K..

The Seaquell is a Haines Signature, and they come in a range of sizes +- around the 5m mark. I think they were later just called by their length, I note v similar boats called "Haines Signature 460" on various used boat sites.

I had a look at some V-Seas - superficially at least, they resemble the Seaquell, with similar bows, freeboard, and the shape of the v at the bow. There seems to be a bit of an overhaul on the upper part of the boat around 2000? Are the pre-2000 boats any good?

For storage I think I'd prefer a cuddy cabin - and my guests will be fishing, not sitting inside, and I can't really see sleeping on such a small boat.

Previously I had a small (15hp) tinnie which was great for the estuaries, and on really flat days, at the inside of the heads. The only major issue was fitting in guests. I loved the speed to launch/retrieve, ease of use, and total lack of expense. While l'd like to get outside the heads sometimes, if this involves a +$15K boat +5m boat, I will just stick to the estuaries where a good tinnie is all I need.

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Have a look at the Haines hunter breeze 470. It seems to tick all the boxes you are looking for. That is the boat I have and they are brilliant. Rated for 5 people in closed waters and 4 in open waters. They can handle nearly any chop and more than capable of traveling outside. Light weight to make launch and retrieve solo. There's pretty much nowhere I haven't taken it.

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Dont buy a bigger boat purely for your guests.........I had loads and loads of mates telling me they would come out when I picked up my new boat 5 years ago........Only three fish with with any sort of regularity. Perhaps you are only buying for yourself, like I was as well, but dont worry about your mates/guests

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a good older seafarer 4.75 i fished in one for years by myself easy on and off the trailer will fish 3 as well i know of a real good one if in sydney allways under cover with a 70hp

it belongs to a mate who wont use it any more

pm me if interested its the first one with a factory pod and self draining deck

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Hello and sorry this is a late reply as I just signed up, I own a haines signature seaquell 460 and I can tell you shes a fantastic little boat, I use it for rivers, bay runs and even out the mouth of botany bay heads with no issues, bare in mind they basically  have the same hull design as the 445, I have owned half cabins but they get blown from wind a lot, as for retrieval and launching you can't get any better, hope this helps if you bought one since


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I loved my little Formula 15 (from the Haines 445 mould) powered with a yam F70 but originally came with a 90 2 stroke. 

I used mine from the bays to the canyons 47km offshore and would defiantly purchase another.


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