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Name the Sci-Fi and Superheroes from the 70's


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3. Blake's 7 liberator

9. Man from Atlantis ( Patric Duffy)

13. Space 1999 eagle

15. Steve Austin. 6 million dollar man.

17. Logan. Logan Run.

21. Time And Relative Distance In Space

22. Spider man

26. Max. The bionic woman.

28. Tom Baker. Dr Who ( the best one)

29. K9 ( no NaClH2O here)

30. Dalek

32. Ufo interceptor.

33. Ufo. From ufo

37. Buck Rogers

38. David Banner

39. Twiki. Buck rogers

41. The Hulk

43. Thunder fighter. Buck Rogers.

48. Maya. Space 1999

49. Mork

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