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Where and how to catch nippers in sydney?


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Good day fellow raiders,

I'm new to fishing and was wondering where to get nippers or yabbies? I've heard you cant get them in Parramatta river or in sydney harbour because it's illegal, where is the best place to get them? I really have no idea and should i invest in a bait pump?

p.s I live in western part of Sydney, in parramatta.


Kind Regards,


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It's a long drive through the Royal National Park, but Mainebar on the southern side of Port Hacking has plenty of nippers and the pro bait catchers that supply Sydney bait shops pump them on flats just a little further upstream (boat needed). Needed a few for a whiting session a couple of weeks ago and got about 70 in 20 minutes.

PS don,t pay for Park entry as not needed as your destination is a residential village and isn't within the park.

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