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Spool capacities


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Hi I'm look at getting a new reel. Not sure if I'm allowed to mention brand names. i've found one 4000 size and the maker website says the capacity is PE 3/250 metres. The other which is a 5000 in a different brand has a stated capacity of 20lb braid to 220 yards.

This website http://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/394032-pe-line-conversion/states that PE 3 is the same as 30lb braid. My question is how can a smaller reel hold more of a thicker line than a larger reel can of thinner line?

Am I missing something??



PS the mono capacities are 4000 reel 6.4kg/190m and 5000 reel 8kg/120m

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Hi Swordy,

Here's the specs http://www.shimanofish.com.au/products/fishing-reels/spinning/sedona-fe.html. Another website says the 5000 is a compact model, could this be the explanation? I'm very confused

I think the compact on shimano products means smaller body with bigger spool

ie. 5000c means 4000 body with a 5000spool

Correct me if im wrong

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Different reel manufacturers use the same code but the size difference of the reel is significant. A shimano 4000 has nowhere near the capacity as a Daiwa 4000 size reel

I've done a bit more research and if the various websites are correct, Crossfire you're right on the money. The 4000 Daiwa I'm looking at has the same capacity as my Baitrunner 6000.

Go figure.

Thanks heaps Crossfire for confirming this, I was having a lot of trouble believing such a big difference.


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