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Downrigging for Kings in the Harbour


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Using an improvised method of downrigging (big sinkers and slow trolled whole livies at desired depths)...... zilch.

This was the first time I had coupled my kayaks and this method and was feeling hopeful. I did a full lap of Clarke Island, positioning baits in strike zones above the various wrecks. The temp is only 17 degrees and I think this is why things are still a little bit quiet and while they are about they may not be aggressively feeding due to this reason. I have heard of a couple of good one's in the 90's on the bite inside middle harbour so maybe I should have tried there instead. The water is warmer and perhaps that would increase the chances of connecting baits to feeding fish.

Heading out again this Friday and would welcome any suggestions as to where ppl think the Kingies might be hiding??

Cheers, Brett



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Hey Plankton.

What livies where you using?

Did you mark kings on sounder?

Only weakness i can see you have is mobility.

We generally keep moving until we find fish "in the mood"

Sometimes go to 10 spots before finding a hungry bunch.

Keep trying in the areas you were at and it will happen eventually.


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Haha fresh and frozen dont belong in the same sentence bud.

Without a sounder id probably hang in likely area and burley up and fish the smallest live yakkas or slimies i could find along with freshly caught strips of calamari.

Wouldnt bother with live squid in a berley trail as it will get demolished real fast!

Yakkas will be ok in the burley as long as the kings feel like eating them. Otherwise shouldnt be long until the fresh squid strips gets pummelled.

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I was using fresh Squid I had frozen from the previous session. Maybe live Yakkas would have worked better. "Hooked Up" I don't have a sounder but would be nice to have at least seen a few fish down there.

I wouldnt bother with frozen squid. It needs to be caught that day. Especially when fishing outside of the summer months. Secondly you are really going to have a hard time without a sounder. 219 dollars gets you a lowrance hook 4 sounder which has conventional sonar and downscan. Small enough to fit on your yak.

A sounder is possible the most important item in downrigging, you can manage without a downrigger you can even manage with subpar tackle and average bait. But without a sounder you are basically flying blind.

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