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Lake Glenbawn: Trailerboat or Kayak?


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Soon i'll be going on a fishing trip to Glenbawn dam, and camping a few nights.

Now, i've fished there before from a kayak, but only casually and with little success, as well as being on a family trip.

We've recently got a new 5-6m trailer-boat, and i'm debating about which would e better for a long stay.

I know that the trailer-boat can't get amongst the fishy structure, but it can easily go to different spots in a shorter amount of time as well as some far away spots. I'm not even sure if there are any ramps big enough at the dam, though there probably is. I'm also concerned about the sunken debris.

The kayak on the other hand can easily weave between the sunken trees, as well being easy to deploy. However, if the fish aren't biting, it takes time and effort to move to a new location. If the wind is blowing, it becomes extremely hard to keep in the butter zone.

Which would be better, and are there any specifications in tackle that come with each watercraft?


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There is a long boat ramp designed to allow for the variances in the lake height. Go around the South-Eastern side of the dam and you will find it. Have a look on google maps and you will see it from the satellite view. I have been on there with both a boat and a kayak and while it was fun from the kayak (don't ask me how the fishing went) it is a bit of work to cover the distances. I'd second the call on the boat. Especially since they haven't hit summer temps up there yet.

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Definately take the boat up there! I took my Haines half cab up there with the family and we had a ball. Anchored up and jumped off rocks, caught fish trolling, drifted amongst the snags etc.

and spent a day tubing around! It was a great weekend!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Alot of the fish we caught were up the back in the 8knot zone near Eagles Nest which was a fair hike from the camping area we stayed in 20 minutes at 25 knots so a boat would be a good bet if you wanted to get up there.

Mostly trolling as were most of the boats in our club.

Long paddle otherwise.

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