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Marine Safety Regulation 2016 – From 1st July 2016, The Marine Safety Regulation 2016 replaces the Marine Safety (General) Regulation 2009. The Marine Safety Regulation 2016 has been designed to promote safety, reduce red tape and improve administrative efficiency.

A few of the key points include;

  • Reforms to boat driver licensing
  • New lifejacket standards and simplified requirements for wearing lifejackets
  • Vessels no longer need to display a registration label or trade plate
  • Changes to some penalty levels

Broadly, the Marine Safety Regulation establishes the behavioural rules for boating in NSW.

More details can be found on the RMS website; http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/maritime/index.html

Or contact me directly to organize a visit and talk around the new regulation changes.

Marine Safety Act 2016The Act is still being worked through and more information should be available from 1st October 2016.

Boating Safety Day 2016 - Roads and Maritime Services, Maritime Division, will be holding its annual Boating Safety Day on Saturday 16th October at Peter Depena Reserve, Dolls Point between 10am and 3pm. This year the event is joining forces with DPI Fisheries event NSW Gone Fishing Day. By making it a collaborative effort between the 2 agencies it is hoped for increased numbers attending by attracting a cross over audience. There will be multiple stakeholders in attendance promoting boating safety and fishing related information stands and fun activities for all ages. More information will be provided as we get closer to the date.

RMS Expired Flare Collection 2016/2017Roads and Maritime has launched a program to help boaters dispose of expired flares, with mobile collections set up along the NSW coastline.

Flares signal that you are in trouble and provide an exact location for searching aircraft or vessels. Only ignite them when rescuers are in view and can spot your flare and remember that it is an offence to set off flares except in an emergency.

The Expired Flares collection program for the 2016-17 boating season will start in January 2017. Dates for our area are;

  • Foreshore Rd Boat Ramp, Banksmeadow – Monday 23rd January 6:30am – 10am
  • Bona Point Boat Ramp, Kurnell – Monday 23rd January 13:30 – 17:00
  • Long Bay/ Tunks Park Boat Ramp, Cammeray – Thursday 26 January 6:30am -10am

For the complete list of other sites refer to the following link http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/maritime/safety-rules/safety-equipment/flare-disposal.html

OLD 4 NEWThe Old4New lifejacket program is all about making more boaters aware of the range of modern lifejackets. Now in its third season running, the program is helping to promote wearing a lifejacket when you’re out on the water, especially when in smaller craft.

Old 4 New offer new generation life jackets at a subsidized rate and if you provide them with an old life jacket, no matter what condition, they will then further reduce the cost of the new jacket being purchased.

In the last decade alone, 9 out of 10 people who drowned in NSW while boating were not wearing a lifejacket. The Old4New program is just part of a wider campaign to get people into the right habit of putting on a lifejacket each time they go boating.

Currently these are the proposed sites and dates for our area, however they are still subject to change and I will send through a confirmation of dates once the schedule is up on the website.

  • October 1st 2016 – St George 16ft Sailing Club 7:30am-11:30am
  • October 1st 2016 – St George Motor Boat Club 12:30pm-15:30
  • October 8th 2016 – Dover Park Boat Ramp, Blakehurst 7am-11am
  • October 8th 2016 – Yowie Bay Boat Ramp 13:00-17:00
  • February 10th 2017 – Bonnet Bay Boat Ramp 7am-11am
  • February 10th 2017 – Bona Point Boat Ramp, Kurnell 13:00-17:00
  • February 12th 2017 – Hawkesbury Esplanade (Hole in the Wall), Sylvania 7am-11am
  • February 12th 2017 – Swallow Rock Boat Ramp, Grays Point 13:00-17:00

This coming season Old 4 New will also be promoting life jacket wear specifically targeting Rock Fisherman. Stay tuned for more information and dates.

Aquatic Events – The Marine Safety Regulation now recognises not all activities on the water are suitable to be managed under an aquatic licence Some activities are low risk or of such a low impact to others that regulatory ‘red tape’ should be reduced to permit them to take place without needing approval; and Some activities (e.g. ongoing commercial activities) are not suitable to be licensed at all, and they need to be approved under a different approvals scheme. I will provide more information as it comes to hand.

There are 2 major events scheduled for the coming months;

  • Dragon Boat racing on the Woronora River on 25th September 2016
  • Rip N Ride – Freestyle PWC event Wanda Beach 21st,22nd and 23rd October

Staff update – We have a new Boating Safety Officer named Ryan started with us this month who will float between Botany Bay, Georges River and the Port Hacking so be sure to make him feel welcome if you meet him in your travels.

Boat Ramp updates

  • Oatley Bay, Hurstville Grove – The ramp upgrade completion date has been pushed back to the end of September. It is currently still under construction. Further updates will be posted on www.georgesriver.nsw.gov.au
  • Bona Point, Kurnell – Sutherland Shire Council have advised the reconstruction of the jetty after the storm damage last month will be completed by 19th October 2016

Any questions? Contact Ray Lonsdale.


Ray Lonsdale
Boating Education Officer
Boating Operations Branch - Sutherland | Maritime
T 9545 5379 M 0408 954 705

Every journey matters

Roads and Maritime Services
Sans Souci Marine Centre, 2 Water St, Sans Souci NSW 2219

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My 14 yo daughters junior boat licence renewal was recently due.

Previously we could only renew for one year. Now under the new rules she has a general licence ( with age restrictions) and could renew for 10 years.

So some of the changes have definitely been put in place.

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I had heard they were getting rid of the Junior boat licence. With an 11 year old soon to turn 12 I was expecting a war to break out with his older brother who already has one!

Thanks for the links. I read up and 12 year olds now just get a regular licence but have age restrictions.

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