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Sbs the feed tonight


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That's great for your daughter to be so active and contribute to Australian marine research.

Sounds like she loves the water. Good stuff!

She's been doing surveys for different university's and headed to Tasmamia IMAS for work experiance recently too. She's had an invite to go to Macquarie island to represset youth marine science next year which is pretty exciting. On top of that she's a dam good little fishing girl.


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I can imagine she's a great fishing partner. Not many girls her age would say they have such a good relationship with their dad, especially on national television!

Keep encouraging her, she has real passion and talent!

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Jon you must very very proud of @Salty Pup

What a fine young woman she is and we are honoured to have her on fishraider with us :1worthy: . Perhaps she would like to give us some marine type info or post "fishy news" into The Library. Of course we will love to read any fishing reports :)

Good luck with her COTM entry too :clapping:

By the way that has been broadcast on out twitter and facebook SoMe pages

@fishraider1 is twitter and facebook is Fishraider @fishraider1

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