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Trailer weight distribution demo


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If you've gotten to the stage of the demo in real life those driver "Aids" haven't worked.

Traction control is to help prevent wheel spin by either applying the brakes to the wheel that the management system has sensed is about to lose traction or reduce engine power to allow the wheel to grip or both of these combined.

Stability control is there to "Aid"with oversteer and under steer situations which are caused by a combination of speed,weight distribution being the main ones.For e.g,If you went round a left hand corner losing the tail end of your car out to the right you'd be in a oversteer situation and the traction control would kick in and apply the brakes to the diagonally opposed wheel from the direction of the slid being the left front wheel to act as a pivot point to bring the car back into line.Vice versa for a left hand slide.The system is constantly monitoring using various sensors things such as vehicle speed,steering geometry,tyre rotation etc and compensating by either rapidly applying the brakes on and off to prevent loss of traction in the case of wheel spin or holding the brakes on for a period of time in the case of oversteer or under steer.

The best way I know to prevent trailer sway other than correct weight distribution and driving appropriately for the load and conditions is if you begin to get trailer sway is apply power to straighten the rig up.

If you lose lose the tail end in either direction steer in the opposite direction of the slid to correct.

Finally all these systems are "Aids" they are not fool proof like a lot of people think.

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