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shark bay wa


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i went there 2 years ago around this time and stayed on dirk hartog island. the fishing was red hot from the first day with over 100 fish landed each day. we only bottom bashed and was with a charter but we landed some nice fish like snapper up to 85cm, 10kg coral trout and a bunch of emperor. i highly rate it as a fishing destination.

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I've fished there a little but only land based. Places like Kalbarri, Shark bay, and Exmouth were the areas I fished which in my opinion blow away our east coast. Heading further north from there it only gets better, though you do need to be extra carefull keeping your gear safe.

Not sure if you have a copy of the fish finder mag but this is a must for the travelling angler (especially over there) http://www.fishfinderbooks.com


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Hey Mate

I was over at Coral bay fishing in June & I have also fished port hedland. Winter is much better heat and insect wise the heat will take its toll & you will be drained of all blood by miggies in summer If you fish the deeper water you will get solid red emperor Cobia sharks & a heap more. Reefs hold Spanish gts & sharks. You need solid gear as the fish pull hard & did I mention the sharks ! they are next level over there, just getting a fish to the boat is a miracle. I found jigs work best in 20m plus with bait just attaching sharks. Stick baits poppers plastics & metal for the shallower stuff.

The water over there is really salty so bring real oil for your line rollers ( if not mag sealed) as they will seize up after a few outings.

Let me know if you have anymore questions.


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