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Afternoon fellas,

I've been putting in the hours learning how to catch yakkas, tying up balloon rigs, buying a new rod and reel combo (9ft Penn Allegiance rod / 4500 spinfisher w/ 300m of 30lb braid) and scouting the rocks around the Gong. I have come to the conclusion that if I wish to do battle with a kingy off the stones before I go back home November 21st, it will probably happen either north in Coalcliff/Stanwell Park or south in Kiama at the blowhole.

Basically, if anyone ever needs a mate to head out onto the rocks with or wants to prove their experience by putting my on a kingy, I would be very grateful. Any tips on what tides to fish off the rocks or decent locations for a landbased angler operating on a student budget would be hectic.




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There's been reports of hoodlums over at bass point and a few juvies at hill 60. If the southern port breakwall was open you'd prob hook onto a juvie from there no probs.

That 4500 will get a decent workout if you do hook up.

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I like the sound of all of this :thumbup: I really appreciate the OZ hospitality. I would go to Bass Point as much as I could but I am limited by public transportation unfortunately. It's tough business hauling my yakka motel across town!!

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