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Compulsory Lifejackets in Randwick City

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The NSW Government announced today plans to introduce legislation into parliament making Lifejackets mandatory in designated high risk locations. They intend to trial it for 12 months in the Randwick City government area from December 1 2016 with a moratorium on fines. The exact areas are yet to be declared but would likely include Maroubra, Malabar Headland, Little Bay and places like Julieannes, The Trap, Gutter, Jolongs, Cape Banks. Get your Lifejackets ready fellas!



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About time good idea !

I can see that the authorities are desperate to stop fishing deaths around the most dangerous stretch,if they fail they may introduce a complete fishing ban around this dangerous stretch and the most obvious way to do it will be make the area off limits to fishing (protected area).

They tried to talk about this some time ago but they got shot down by the fishing community but more deaths in the area will only make their case stronger as a way to stop deaths and fishing from happening in this area.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Dont underestimate what the Government will try and do to protect us from ourselves and introduce the area as a marine park,its on their agenda and they are desperately looking for excuses to allow them to do it.



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I know what your thinking,closing this area to fishing will only shift the fisherman to other locations.

YEP and thats exactly what Randwick Council wants.

They do not want anymore fishing deaths in their area, so moving people on away from them is their ultimate idea.

Dont get me wrong,I hate this idea too but I can see this as a solution to the problem for them, one day.

Do not forget it was the Governments idea not so long ago to make this area a protected marine park !

As far as enforcing the fines for not wearing a life jacket,they can do it like they already enforce the fishing licence.

I was fishing off Bear Island once in a reasonable swell when all of a sudden I felt a tap on my shoulder,I turned around and was shocked to see a fisheries officer standing behind me in a pair of shorts /teeshirt/and sandles,while the waves were coming up over the rocks,he was checking for fishing licences.

I wondered why they made nice new stairs for easy access to that location.

Dont worry they are not scared of coming down to your fishing location and checking on you.

and YES they have been down to  Julianne's etc,so dont think because your on a tricky rock platform they wont get you,they went down to  Julianne's and did a survey once. :D

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