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New beach fisher heading to The Entrance soon


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Hi everyone, my first post here, hopefully in the right spot :D

Off to the Entrance in the next few weeks hopefully. Any tips on shore / beach based spots I could try? I'm looking to stay on North Entrance side, so I'm going to try my first beach session (basic beach fishing rig set up advice welcome!). I may have my kayak as well, so I'm going to go off around Picnic Point etc for a look as well.

thanks in advance, I'm getting a lot of great tips already from this forum :D

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Hi Mate

I guess it depends on what you want to catch and what time of day/night you are heading out.

If fishing on the beach local live beach worms are the go. Some tackle stores stock them but if your're keen for a challenge they can be caught on the northern side of Magenta and along Birdie Beach.

Beach rigs are pretty simple for me, a ball sinker matched to how far you need to cast and how strong the current/sweep/rip is, (the smaller the weight needed the better) followed by a 2-3ft leader of flourocarbon or clear mono (very important for the clear water on the beach) then a hook matched so that a small portion is exposed from the bait. 

You can use ganged hooks (1/0 to 6/0) with the same rig (heavier leader) and pilchards of a night however this will reduce the strike rate - berleying of a night will help stir up some action and won't be picked at by birds or smaller fish.

The Central Coast Beaches are very unpredictable for me. If you can find a decent gutter which exits towards the horizon on both sides you're in with a shot.

Good luck.

Cheers, James

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If you are fishing around The Entrance, watch out, there are a few sightings of sharks in the area! Anyways, make sure to use live beach worms and a 12-foot surf rod because you gotta cast far to reel in those mutant bream! ;)


Cheers, amberjack. Fish On!

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