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  1. Yes Bob, we actually got 2 bycatch slimies while reeling back our bottom bashing paternoster rigs. As Dunc mentioned it was hard work to get anything. But as they say ‘a bad of fishing is better than a good day in the office’. Thanks @dlvbw Dunc, looking forward for our next session mate. cheers md
  2. Absolutely amazing report. Great catch n good pics. Loved every bit of it.
  3. Thanks Dunc for giving me the opportunity and taking me out. We have been planning to go out for jigging for a long time and I never thought it would be so much fun as well as so much of hard work. My whole body was sore but definitely will do it again soon.
  4. Thanks for taking me out in your boat @dlvbw What an amazing fishing session we had just before the cold weather. I love weekday fishing as getting out and back in took almost no extra time.
  5. One of my favorite fish to catch and eat. well done mate.
  6. Well done mate, nice report.
  7. Well done Bob. I never knew bass fishing can be so much fun until I met you. Learned heaps from you and hope join few more sessions with you next season.
  8. Well done Dunc, Clearly you had an awesome session. Hope to get my keeper soon.
  9. Great report Bob. Looks like it’s high time to take few days off from work to go fishing. Cheers MD
  10. @Madkanu one of the best report I have read today where pics weren’t the focus. I guess your fishing skills are as good as your writing mate , at least they are going to be soon with the great Sefu @DerekD @DerekDhats off to you. I wish and hope to have few more sessions with you soon.
  11. Wow! What an impressive haul. Well done mate.
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