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Vincentia/jervis Bay SP's on the Beach?


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G'day Everyone,


I'm heading down to Jervis Bay this weekend staying in Vincentia, within walking distance to Nelsons Beach.  

I've been looking on google maps for decent spots and scouring the forums for information on land based spots.  I plan on trying for whiting and fatties off the beach and having a go at catching some beach worms for the first time.  We'll also be heading down to Steamers Beach one day.

Anyone got any local knowledge for spots in the area?  I'd like to be able wander flicking SP's around.

Also, it seems to be a divisive topic, but does anyone have any experience casting SP's off the beach?  Given these are bay beaches I figured it'd be worth a go with the swell unlikely to be massive.

Any advice appreciated.  Will be posting a report when I get back.




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Thanks for the replies fellas.


We ended up doing less fishing than I'd planned but got in a couple of sessions down at the mouth of Moona Moona Creek.  Had a great time catching basically nothing apart from a couple of extremely illegal flathead.  These were in fact my first two fish caught on soft plastics so in spite of the underwhelming size, I was pretty tickled.

I also had a bash at the whiting with a couple of poppers.  I was pretty surprised to see so many fish following the lure.  Sometimes up to 8 swimming right behind it.  I never managed to get one to hit it though.  Another fisho there told me there's too much real food in the water for them to really bother eating lures.

I'll definitely be heading back again so I'll be sure to try the spots mentioned.



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