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Nice calm morning as we headed out from Brooklyn.

Tried trolling around Barrenjoey but no takers. It has been a while since we have caught anything on the troll, but a few years ago tailer, bonito, and a few kings would turn up quite often.

Saw a whale at the surface on the way out about 30 m away but it dived before I could get the camera and didn't come up again. It was huge and had a massive tail fin which showed as it dived. Bit worried where it would surface as it was heading towards the boat as it dived.seas-sun-web.jpg

Nice flat seas but a bit sloppy. I can understand someone feeling ill.

Started to get a few nice flathead in one particular area, thanks to GPS we were able to go over the same area repeatedly and got hits every time although some were spikeys which would have been kept as they were a fair size, but the blue spots were bigger. The bigest measured 53cm, and the smallest 38cm.

We both bagged out with our 10 each, took a quick photo before they went back on the ice.


Flathead fillets for tea tonight.

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Well done good to see someone caught something reasonable. I managed only sargeant bakers and eels. I was out west reef peaks. Didn't see too many bent rods throughout the day.

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