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Lake Illawarra Dusk Session


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I had a quick 10 minute session on Lake Illawarra tonight. 

The picture doesn't do the bream justice, it was a solid fish.

The flattie stayed around for lunch tomorrow, but the bream went back.

Its just too good of a fish to keep considering its about 16 years old



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2 hours ago, Mr Squidy said:

Ha, I saw the first pic and thought "that flattie looks a little light on" then scrolled down to the second pic and realised the bream is just a horse. Top stuff!!!



I know what you mean there, the flattie looks tiny and undersized 

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1 hour ago, jdanger said:

Top bream, and props on the release. I'm in the same boat - since realising how old the big ones are I've got too much respect to keep them.

I grew up fishing all my life, we ate pretty much everything we caught. Back in the day this would have been straight in the esky. 

Its nice to know the reality of how old and slow growing some fish are, makes you appreciate catching them more. 

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As the other guys have said great job letting the Bream go.If that bream survived 16yrs in the lake it's one smart bream.

I'm surprised when they're over 5cm with the amount of people keeping undersized fish in the lake but that's another story.

Enjoy the Flatty.


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